Pre-Tender Assistance

MDM Scaffolding offers pre-tender assistance and support service. This is to ensure that preliminary access specifications, schedules, and compliance sheets and designs are all properly carried out. This is to enable our clients to prepare accurate tenders for pricing. We are certain that time invested in the early stages of our client project is very effective as they ensure all requirements are fully met. It also creates a proactive and beneficial partnership with our clients.

Design Services

We adopt cutting edge technologies and CAD equipment in delivering the best quality scaffolding for commercial, domestic and industrial purposes. Be it for simple building repairs purposes, support structures and heavy load bearing platforms, our scaffolding designs are safe, practical, unique and efficient.

Health and Safety

It is always important to have proper health and safety measure in place when constructing scaffolding. We adhere strictly to Health and Safety regulations. Our Health and Safety department ensure that our engineers and every member of our team are well trained and fully compliant to all relevant Health and Safety regulations and best practices.

MDM Scaffolding is certified and registered with Safemark, the industry-leading Health and Safety standard approved by the National House Building Council.

We also have been awarded Gold Certification by Constructionline.

Traditional Scaffolding

We offer customised traditional scaffolding to fit your specific building or access requirements. The erection and dismantling will be done safely and efficiently by our team of trained and professional scaffold operators.

System Scaffolding

We also have system scaffold which is often used in place of traditional scaffolding where multi trades are required to work on a scaffold at the same time. This is mainly used where multiple adaptations and lift heights are required. Assembling and erection times are faster and can be easily adapted to meet specific requirements.

Temporary Roofs

Our temporary roofs offer more than just weatherproofing, it reduces the risk of working at height. For this, we use one long sheet that is pulled through the scaffold on tracks. This makes erection easier in very unfriendly weather. It is designed with beams to span the roof and plastic sheeting is secured around it and makes it weather-proof.

This structure is often required in roof replacement and building refurbishments or when a roof is being replaced. However, an encapsulation can speed up a project’s build time, by protecting both workers and the building from the elements. Sometimes a temporary roofing structure is used to control environmental hazards.

At MDM Scaffolding we offer both system temporary roofs and traditional temporary roofs.

Support Structures

We bring in our specialty and expertize during restoration or alteration projects on unstable or historic buildings. You can always count on our reliable and high-quality scaffolding when erected as a support structure. With many years of experience in providing support scaffolding, our support structures are guaranteed to not only protect the property on which you are working but also passers-by and users of the building.